The geography and climate of Zante, Greece provide an ideal backdrop for a variety of transportation options. Travelers can choose from car rentals, buses, taxis, ferries and public transport to get around the island.

* Renting a vehicle: Rental cars are available in all major towns on the island and offer convenient access to attractions such as beaches and archaeological sites. Visitors should be aware that rural roads can often be narrow and winding with steep inclines or declines so caution is advised when driving.

* Bus routes: The main bus route runs between Zakynthos Town (Zakinthios) and Volimes, serving smaller villages along the way. In addition there are several local routes which run throughout the day.

* Taxis: Taxis are plentiful on the island but fares should always be agreed upon before setting off on your journey.

* Ferries: There are regular ferry services linking various ports on the mainland to Zakynthos Town, making it easy to travel by sea if desired.

No matter what mode of transportation you choose, visitors will find traveling around Zante relatively straightforward compared to other Greek islands. With stunning scenery at every turn you may even want to take some time out just to enjoy the views! Moving forward, travelers who make their way around Zante will discover plenty of things for them to do during their visit.